Guest Speaker on Kaiser Health Hour 550 KTSA – San Antonio

On Sunday afternoon I had the great pleasure to be asked to speak on the topic of Health Care Reform with Lenore Kaiser of Kaiser Health Hour. As you can imagine we kept it as light as possible only having less than an hour to answer some of her questions but the theme was still there – If you are still waiting for guidance to be issued you have missed the boat. Your agent, broker, consultant whatever should by now be pretty deep into strategy sessions with you about what your 2014 is going to look like. If this is not happening, or is the solutions you are getting are ones that you feel came out of a magic 8 ball then it is time to look around for another agency.

Head on over and take a listen I will add the podcast here when it is available. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Link to Listen to the Podcast



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